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7 Signs It’s Time To Stop DIY and Call A Professional. No. 5 Is Super Important

7 Signs It’s Time To Stop DIY and Call A Professional. No. 5 Is Super Important

H Jack's is your bathroom repair specialist!Here’s 7 Tips to Know When It’s Time to Call in the Pros.

DIY can be great. You’re in there working on a project with your own two hands and having a wonderful time learning tips and tricks about home improvement along the way. But when has it gone too far? What are the signs that maybe you bit off a bit more than you can chew?

You’re Starting To Go Over Budget

Let’s say you went to work fixing the kitchen sink and all in all you thought it would take about $500. Then you realize you need a new trap so you buy that. Then you decide the sprayer needs to be replaced. Then the drain covers. Then the backsplash. Woah, now it’s looking like a $1000+ ordeal. Instead of continuously spending more and more, maybe it would be better to call in the pros and spend the money you would spend on DIY to just get the job done properly the first time.

It’s Starting To Take Up Way Too Much Time

Okay so you said the bathroom would take a week. It’s been two and you still have to awkwardly knock on your neighbor’s door just to go. It’s time to call in a pro. Sometimes people vastly underestimate the time it will take to finish a job. If the project starts to significantly impact your life or you just do not have the time to properly DIY, it’s better to call in the pros.

You’re Not Exactly Sure What You Want

Sure you know you want the kitchen to “be better” but how? What does “better” mean? Is it the sink, floor, appliances, everything? Sitting down with a professional and sifting through what you do and do not need is helpful. They have design tools, books, and blueprints to figure out just what needs to be done and why it is being done in the first place, while you may not during DIY.

It’s a Large Project

DIY is often best reserved for things you and maybe a few friends can handle. Totally gutting a house or completely redoing all your plumbing are just too much for a few people to handle. Trained pros with dedicated hours, work shifts, and knowledge of how to get the job done are far more efficient.

There’s Building Codes To Deal With

Building codes are full of legalese and if you violate them, you may get into heaps of trouble. Especially if you live in an historic district or other such location where stringent laws restrict what and how you can work on projects. Professionals in your area are often well-read on these requirements and know how to handle them, and have the whole “how to avoid lawyers” thing figured out as well. Trying to DIY building code is pretty tough, at the end of the day.

You Have Other Stuff To Get To

Sure the basement needs to have one or two pipes replaced, but the garden needs to be tended to and so does your car. In situations like these, it is often better to budget your time to the projects you enjoy, like cars and gardening, and leave the dreary stuff to the trained pros who can take care of it while you enjoy your hobbies. Remember, DIY should be at least somewhat enjoyable.

It’s An Emergency

If your pipes freeze and burst at 3:00 am on a Tuesday morning, don’t DIY to fix it. Ring up a professional plumber. They are ready to go with tools and techniques. You are still fuzzy headed and panicking. Once they finish you can head back to bed without worrying about cleaning up and dealing with the aftermath of making a mistake of your own. H. Jack’s Super Plumber is always available for any of your plumbing and remodeling projects. If you feel like you are in over your head, feel free to give us a call any time.