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Beat the Heat: Service Your Air Conditioner and Save Money!

Beat the Heat: Service Your Air Conditioner and Save Money!

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Having your air conditioner serviced regularly, including a check for proper refrigerant levels, will help make your air condition last longer and save you money!

Air Conditioner Services in Ohio

As the summer temperatures climb, there are several ways for smart consumers to save money and still stay cool. Check out this Action 19 News video for some tips that can help you keep your utility bills as low as possible during the summer heat. If your air conditioner is not blowing as cold as you think it should, it is possibly a sign the the refrigerant needs to be recharged. Running your air conditioner with less refrigerant than what the manufacture recommends will cause your AC unit to work harder to try to put out the same amount of cold air as it does when it is working properly, if it can even reach the same level of cool at all. This situation can cause undo wear and tear on your air conditioner unit which could lead to more serious issues and require expensive repairs down the road. Having your AC unit inspected and cleaned each year will also help keep the filters and coils clean, which will help the air conditioner run more efficiently and ultimately save you money.

Make Your Air Condition Last Longer

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