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Don't be left in the cold...get a furnace checkup today!

Don't be left in the cold...get a furnace checkup today!

Importance of Annual Furnace CheckupImportance of Annual Furnace Checkup

Just like your annual or semi-annual trips to the the doctor and dentist, your furnace, heat pump or boiler needs some special attention this time of year too! An annual furnace checkup is important for keeping your unit running properly, ensuring it is safe to operate and saving you money on your heating bills. H Jack’s trained heating technicians will inspect all of the important components of whatever type of unit is used to heat your home or office, be it a boiler, furnace or heat pump. We will check to make sure there is no undue wear and tear, identify any safety concerns that might need attention, verify that your thermostat is working properly and check to see that your filter is in good condition. In addition to keeping you warm, a properly working heating unit will be less costly to operate too. Call H Jack’s today to schedule your furnace checkup (or for your boiler or heat pump) to make sure you will be nice an cozy when you need your furnace most! In Ohio (888) 458-1161, in Pennsylvania call (814) 838-2239 and in New York call (866) 664-5809.