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Get Your Home Ready for the Summer!

Get Your Home Ready for the Summer!

Let Your Home be Summer-Ready with H. Jack’s

If you’re anything like us at H. Jack’s you can’t wait for the warmer weather. As the days grow longer and the school year winds down, make sure your home is ready for another sun-soaked season of backyard barbeques and pool parties with these smart and simple tips to get your home set for summer.


You may not think of it while it’s not in use, but a busted air conditioner in the middle of a summer heat wave can lead to uncomfortable, and at times, dangerous living conditions. Be sure to check the air filters once a month and replace them liberally. PLUG THOSE LEAKSSet a thermometer on the supply register that is closest to the inside cooling equipment for five minutes. Do the same for the return vent. Compare the temperatures. A properly functioning unit should have temperatures coming out 14 to 20 degrees cooler than the air going in. If the temperatures fall outside of this range your unit may be low of refrigerant or have a leak. Schedule an appointment for one of our skilled H. Jack’s HVAC technicians to come out and examine your air conditioning or central air unit and we’ll have you cool and comfortable in no time.


You’ll want to fill any low area in your yard, especially around the foundation, with compacted soil. Sprint rains can cause yards to flood, which in turn, can flood basements. Gutter CleanupBe sure to check the gutters for leaks and sagging as well. Blocked rain drainage will lead to foundation and basement flooding. The easiest way to check for leaks is to place your garden hose in the gutter, turn the water on, and walk the perimeter of the house looking for any water that is leaking from cracks or tears before finding its way to the downspout. It may go without saying, but one sure fire way to avoid leaking or flooding in your basement is to fill any cracks you may find along your basement walls or floor. Whether you’ll need to use caulk, epoxy, or a concrete mix will depend on the type of material that is damaged and how significant the cracks are.


You may consider your roof ‘out of sight, out of mind’ at times, so it’s important to use the break in the weather as a reminder to check out the condition of your roof. Since harsh fall and winter storms can do a number on roofs, look for any shingles that appear cracked, blistered, or crumbling. An improperly sealed roof will allow water to seep in and damage your home from the attic all the way down to the foundation. Roof RepairWhile you’re up there, take a look at the flashing as well. If it is severely dented, buckling, or pulling away from the roof line, it may need to be replaced. Because many of us live near the Great Lakes there is a good potential that moss or lichen may accumulate on your roof during rainy periods. Seemingly harmless, moss and lichen are red flags, warning of excess moisture which can rot the wood of your roof if not remedied right away. Summer is the time to soak up the sun and get some sand between your toes – not to worry about unexpected emergencies or repairs that can arise. Plan ahead and get jump on the season by taking care of these quick and easy tips now. Be sure to call H. Jack’s for any of your HVAC and home maintenance needs before summer arrives!