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Is a Sump Pump What Your Basement Needs? 5 Things To Consider

Is a Sump Pump What Your Basement Needs? 5 Things To Consider

Importance of Basement Regular MaintenanceSump pumps often come up as a popular answer to the basement flooding that tends to occur around this month. But there are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with sump pumps.

They Are Needed Only If Your Basement is Wet or Could Likely Get Wet

Sump pumps are not a requirement for every basement. If you do not have water problems, do not live in a flood-prone area, or do not have neighbors with these issues or sump pumps, then you may not need one either. If your basement is dry and you have not experienced flooding and any previous owners of the property have not either, a sump pump may not be a wise investment.

They Need Regular Maintenance

Sump pumps are like any home appliance or utility, they need regular maintenance. You should be testing your sump pump regularly. This is simple to do. Just pour water into the sump pump basin. If it clicks on and pumps away the water, you are all set. If it does not, it’s time ring up a plumber.

It Definitely Needs Backup Power

If you live in a flood-prone area, chances are the power will get knocked out just when you need your sump pump to work the most. Keeping a backup power supply, either batteries, generators, or both, is a wise idea. Don’t wait until a dark and stormy night to find out if you have backup power available!

Make Sure It Drains Properly

There’s no point to a sump pump if the water it drains away just ends up right back in your basement somehow. Make sure to have a professional plumber take a look at your setup so that it is all squared away.

Get It Installed Right The First Time

Installing a sump pump is not a DIY affair. Call a professional plumber and have them do it right the first time. Pumps mix water and electricity, and that is always a situation that requires protection and expertise, not to mention the associated drains and plumbing this job requires.