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Spring is in the Air and so are These Easy Household Fixes!

Spring is in the Air and so are These Easy Household Fixes!

Great Home Maintenance TipsGreat Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is in the air! If you’re like us, you can’t wait to kiss winter goodbye. Now is the ideal time to make sure your home is running energy efficient and to make repairs to any damages that fall and winter storms may have delivered to your doorstep. Here are some great home maintenance tips that you can take advantage of this spring! KEEP IT COOL: Did you know routine replacement and cleaning of your air conditioner or central air unit’s air filters can lower energy consumption by up to 15 percent? This will also help anyone in your family that may suffer from pesky allergens. Also, check out your air conditioner’s evaporator coil. A clean coil will keep your air conditioner running smoothly. SET IT AND FORGET IT: Every degree you set your A/C unit below 78 degrees raises your energy consumption by nearly eight percent. If your monthly electric bill is $100 you can save $8 for every degree you set your A/C above 78 degrees. Many modern air conditioners can link to a home’s thermostat. Setting them to a slightly warmer setting when you are not at home can help reduce your energy costs and consumption by nearly 10 percent. BATHROOM FANS: Simply turning on your bathroom exhaust fan, especially on humid days, can help draw out heat and humidity throughout your home. ROOF REPAIRS: Now is a great time to see if any of your roof shingles were lost or damaged over the winter. Cracked or loose shingles can lead to leaky roofs as well as a loss of heating or cooling depending on the season. Look for cracks, buckling, or shingles missing their granules. Be sure to check the flashing around plumbing vents, skylights and chimneys as well. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GUTTER: Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear and running smoothly. Loose and leaky gutters can lead to improper drainage which means flooded basements and crawlspaces during significant rainstorms – and nobody wants that. DON’T CRACK UP: Winter weather does a number to concrete. Check the paths and walkways around your property for cracks and loose slabs which could lead to serious injuries if you’re not careful. Wait for a sunny day and use a power washer to clean your concrete and then fill in the cracks with a concrete crack filler, or even a strong epoxy in a pinch. RUNNING STRONG: Outdoor water faucets often fall victim to freeze damage over the winter. Turn the spigot on and hold your thumb under the opening. If you can easily stop the flow of water then you likely have a leaky pipe within your home that needs replacing. Additionally, check out your water hoses. Extreme weather can easily degrade your hose and lead to dry rot. If this is the case, a replacement is in order. DISHING THE DIRT: More than a few yards can flood during spring showers. Be sure to fill low areas in your yard and around the foundation of your home with compacted soil. Not only will this prevent foundation flooding but it will drastically reduce the chance of insects using these pools as breeding grounds. These are only a few helpful home maintenance tips to get you ready for spring. Be sure to talk to your H. Jack’s representative to learn more about heating and cooling your home like a pro for any season.