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Treat your Mom to these Mother’s Day Fixes Around the House

Treat your Mom to these Mother’s Day Fixes Around the House

Other Way of Making a Perfect Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up faster than you think! Don’t get caught at the last minute picking over leftover flowers and drugstore chocolates. There are plenty of quick-fixes and improvements around your mother’s home with which you can help. Do something that she can really appreciate and check out some perfect Mother’s Day repairs that you can treat her with this year!

Changing of the Guard

Use Mother’s Day as a reminder to change all the filters in her air conditioning and central air units. While this should be done several times a year, it is ideal to start the season with a fresh filter before summer demands more frequent usage. While you’re out there, be sure to clear away any debris or trash around the units that can impede air flow. Also, move any potential bird nests that may have been built in the corners of the units. Nests will not only obstruct proper air flow, but the unit’s fan blades make it a dangerous location for birds. If it sounds like your mother’s air conditioner or central air unit is running improperly after cleaning away any debris or obstructions, a new fan or motor may need to be installed. Be sure to contact an H. Jack’s representative right away to service the unit.

Set It and Forget It

After you’ve cleaned her air conditioning unit and replaced any old air filters, now is the perfect time to install an energy saving thermostat control unit. Programming your air conditioner to run on a scheduled routine with a set temperature will not only prove energy efficient but will end up saving money in her electric bill as well. Jack’s offers free quotes and would love to discuss the many options you have available.

Turning the Screws

Other Way of Making a Perfect Mother's DayA weak hinge, loose handle, or knob can easily be overlooked. While minor fixes on their own, if left unchecked, they pose safety hazards that easily contribute to slips and falls. Check doorknobs to all the rooms in the house as well as exterior doors. Verify that all your mother’s door locks catch and release smoothly. You may need to make slight adjustments to the strike plate along the door frame or spray some lubricant into the locking mechanism. Go around with a Phillips and flathead screwdrivers and tighten any loose handles to her cabinets and cupboards. Loose screws in door hinges can force a door to improperly shut. Not only does this damage the door and door frame, it also poses a potential security liability.

Sowing the Seeds

Whether it is Mother’s Day or not, now is the ideal time to sow grass seeds in any bare patches in the yard that you’d like filled. April and May will bring their fair share of both rain and sunlight to accelerate the new growth needed to reach that fresh field of green outside her kitchen window. Take a rake or roto-tiller over any patch of ground you want to seed and turn over a fresh layer of earth. While you can easily scatter seeds by hand, using a sieve can help spread the seeds more uniformly over an area.

Train that Drain

A toilet that never stops running can not only be a nuisance, it can really put a dent into a water bill. If your mother’s toilet sounds like it is constantly running you can fix it with just a few easy steps.

First, remove the lid for the tank from the back of the toilet. Check to make sure that the fill tube is properly connected to the fill valve. You also want to check that the fill tube is perched about one inch above the overflow tube so that it can properly drain.

Sometimes overlooked, the flapper chain that connects the flush rod to the flapper is critical to the performance of your toilet. For this chain to properly raise and lower the flapper, it needs to be free from tangles. While the flapper is shut there should only be a minimal amount of slack in the chain. Be sure to trim the excess links from the chain to eliminate the risk of knotting. Treat your Mom to these Mother’s Day Fixes Around the House

If damaged, a flapper and its chain are easily replaced. However, if performance issues persist you will want to contact a trained H. Jack’s technician as soon as possible. A leaky toilet, if left unchecked, can lead to backed-up flows, clogs, and flooding. While we can never do enough to show our love and gratitude for the women who raised us, these easy fixer-uppers around the house are a good start this Mother’s Day.

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